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Welcome to Moscripto

Moscripto is a Windows® automation tool and easy to learn job scripting language. It has very basic syntax rules; only few keywords and many ready-made functions that you can use to "do the job" on your Windows running computer.

We say Moscripto is easy to learn and that's a fact! Here's how you'd copy a folder on your computer from one location to another:

Folder.Copy("C:\MyFolder", "C:\MyNewFolder");

After the above line finishes execution, complete folder structure from MyFolder will be copied to MyNewFolder, creating all necessary folders, sub-folders and files.

The syntax is easy and intuitive, so even beginners with little or no programming knowledge can grasp the rules very quickly.

Moscripto job can be executed in one of the three following ways:

1. From within the Job syntax environment by pressing the Run button

2. Compiling the Job in an EXE file and executing it as any other normal executable file

3. Scheduling the Job to be executed by the Moscripto scheduler service at a later time