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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Moscripto has a few basic rules that when you master, making Moscripto jobs will be real easy.

Most actions in Moscripto are wrapped in functions. Each function belongs to a namespace. Functions can accept parameters and return values. Results returned from the function calls can be accepted in variables and process later in the script. See Calling a Function from the library for more details.

Using the Moscripto predefined keywords, you can:

check the results from the functions and act accordingly executing one branch or the other; see If, ElseIf and Else keywords.

loop through each item if the result is an array and process them one by one; see ForEach ... In and While keywords.

Moscripto commands are single-lined, ie they must begin and end on a single line. However, if terminated by a semicolon (;), multiple commands can be written on a single line.

So, both variations below are valid:

$a = 10; $b = 1;$c = $a + $b; MessageBox.ShowInfo("$c is " + $c);


$a = 10
$b = 1
$c = $a + $b
MessageBox.ShowInfo("$c is " + $c)