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Moscripto Highlights

The Moscripto scripting language is purpose-built for Windows automation – there’s no need to wrestle with concepts or syntax that don’t apply to your needs. Its optimized control flow mechanism and broad range of prebuilt functionality (growing every day) make it easy to learn.

Colorized Syntax Editor

Moscripto features a user-friendly colorized script editor. Whenever you type a namespace followed by a dot ("."), an integrated Intellisense window lists available functions.


Make an .exe from a script

It’s easy to compile a script into a standalone executable (.exe) file that will run on other computers without a Moscripto installation or any other dependency.


Scheduled Jobs View

Keep track of scheduled jobs using the Moscripto Scheduled Jobs View. This displays all scheduled jobs and their status - no more guessing run times, or wondering if and when a job ran.


Job Execution Schedule

Create one or more scheduled jobs for any script. These jobs can be one-off, daily, monthly or yearly and at a specified time – see below.


Flexible Job Scheduler

Further schedule a Moscripto job by specifying when and how often it will run on a given day. For example, you can have a job execute on the 35th minute of every hour between 12 AM and 11 PM.

Moscripto Code Samples

Below are a few basic samples of the Moscripto syntax.

Downloading files from an FTP server

$FtpClient = FTP.CreateFtpClient("moscripto.com", 21, "moscriptoftpdemo", "demopass");

If (Error.IsError() == False)
    FTP.Download($FtpClient, ""/*FTP root*/, "C:\TEMP\MoscriptoTest");

Upload a local folder to an FTP server

$FtpClient = FTP.CreateFtpClient("moscripto.com", 21, "moscriptoftpdemo", "demopass");

If (Error.IsError() == False)
    FTP.Upload($FtpClient, "C:\TEMP\MoscriptoTest", ""/*upload to the FTP root*/);

Sending an Email

//the below code checks if there's an error
//and sends the error message if there is one
If (Error.IsError())
    $Error = Error.GetErrorMessage();

    $EmailMessage = Email.CreateEmailMessage();

    $EmailMessage:FromEmailAddress = "someuser@somedomain.com";
    $EmailMessage:ToEmailAddress = "someotheruser@someotherdomain.com";
    $EmailMessage:Subject = "There was an error";
    $EmailMessage:MessageBody = $Error;

    $SmtpClient = Email.CreateSmtpClient("mail.somedomain.com", 25, "someuser@somedomain.com", "somepassword");

    If (Error.IsError() == False)//if successfully connected
        Email.SendEmail($EmailMessage, $SmtpClient);
    Email.DestroySmtpClient($SmtpClient); }

Modifying the content of multiple files

//Search for all Html files in a folder
$MyHtmlFiles = Files.FindFiles("C:\Inetpub\www\somewebsite", "*.html");

//Loop through each file
ForEach ($HtmlFile In $MyHtmlFiles)
    //load the file content in a variable
    $HtmlContent = File.ReadUTF8($HtmlFile);

    //modify the content in a new variable
    $HtmlModified = String.Replace($HtmlContent, "oldsite.com", "newsite.com");

    File.WriteUTF8($HtmlFile, $HtmlModified);

Below is an Extensive list of Moscripto Builtin functions

The below table will give you an idea about Moscripto functions and their operations. For a complete list of supported Moscripto functions, please refer to the online Moscripto Library reference.

  Namespace Function Name Description
Operations on Folders Folder    
    Create Create an empty folder.
    Copy Copy the existing folder (with subfolders and files) to a new location.
    Delete Delete an existing folder (including its folders and subfolders).
    ListFolders List all subfolders inside a folder.
    ListFiles List all files inside a folder.
Operations on Files File    
    ReadAnsi Read the contents of a file to a string, and convert it from ANSI to Unicode.
    ReadUTF8 Read the contents of a file to a string, and convert it from UTF8 to Unicode.
    Copy Copy a file to a new location.
    Delete Delete a file.
Creating and Sending e-mails Email    
    CreateEmailMessage Create an e-mail message.
    SendEmail Send an email. (You have to create it first!)
FTP Functions and their operation FTP    
    Download Download a file or directory from an FTP server.
    Upload Upload a file or folder from your local machine to an FTP server.
    List List the available files/directories on the FTP server.
Text manipulation String    
    Contains Check whether a string contains a specified substring.
    Replace Replace all occurrences of a substring within a string.
    Split Split a string into one or more strings by specifying string separators.
    Trim Remove any blanks (leading or trailing spaces) at the beginning or end of a string.


With its easily-mastered functions, a user-friendly editor, and optimized design, Moscripto empowers you to automate your repetitive tasks.

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