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Automate those repetitive tasks using the Moscripto Windows automation tool!

Stuck in a rut? Repeating the same actions day in, day out? Worried about losing focus and compromising accuracy?

Moscripto is here to help you automate away all those boring Windows tasks.

Its scripting language is easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful. You only need basic programming knowledge to get it working (if you don’t believe us, skip to the example code at the bottom of this page).

Create scripts

Create reusable scripts to:

  • Copy files or folders
  • Send emails
  • Perform FTP operations
  • Edit and create text

And, yes, you can also use conditional execution and loops!

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Easy-to-learn Scripting Language

No need to hire programmers to do your automation! You’ll quickly master the Moscripto scripting language:

  • Just five (5!) keywords to learn (If, ElseIf, Else, For Each, While)
  • Powerful functions with sensible names (e.g. String.Replace, File.Copy, Folder.Rename)
  • Familiar programming concepts
  • Helpful built-in editor checks and colors syntax

The Moscripto scripting language enables you to rapidly automate any task, no matter how complex!

Schedule Jobs

Schedule jobs to run scripts so you don’t have to remember!

  • One-off jobs
  • Regular jobs
  • Any frequency, from minutes through to years!


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Create your own shrink-wrapped .exe files!

Compile scripts into standalone executable (.exe) files:

  • Share with friends and colleagues – no need for more Moscripto installations.
  • Lighter – compiled script shrinks down to a few MBs of disk space.
  • Faster access - it only takes a double-click to run your favourite compiled scripts.

Example – a truly global find and replace

Ever had to trudge through a zillion files searching and replacing? Here’s an example of how Moscripto can save you both time and sanity, plus ensure accuracy.

This script replaces all occurrences of "oldsite.com" with "newsite.com" in all the HTML files in a folder:

//Search for all Html files in a folder
$MyHtmlFiles = Files.FindFiles("C:\Inetpub\www\somewebsite", "*.html");

//Loop through each file
ForEach ($HtmlFile In $MyHtmlFiles)
    //load the file content in a variable
    $HtmlContent = File.ReadUTF8($HtmlFile);

    //modify the content in a new variable
    $HtmlModified = String.Replace($HtmlContent, "oldsite.com", "newsite.com");

    File.WriteUTF8($HtmlFile, $HtmlModified);

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